This Week At Altitude Athletics (August 26 - 31)

sheli handstand hold.jpg

CrossFit Workouts This Week


We kick off an awesome week of training with sets of 7 in the back squat - decent amount of volume here so get the legs ready. We have a “chipper” style afterwards with DB snatch, wall balls, rowing, box jumps and lunges. Should be moving fairly fast and breathing hard!


Bench Press and strict pull ups in a countdown format for strength, and a little fun with row, KB thruster, toes to bar, burpees. This one is shorter, but intense.


IWT today - power clean and run first, followed by barbell lunges and jump rope. The finishing section is some structural/balance work for the shoulders and core.


Deadlifts paired with jump squats for some power endurance work first, and then a nice little aerobic hit with rowing, running, burpee pull ups!


Some more strict pull ups (yup!) and dips today, followed by a team workout with some barbells and box jumps. Fun day!