This Week At Altitude Athletics (Sept 2nd - 7th)

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CrossFit Workouts For Sept. 2nd - Sept. 7th

We are CLOSED for Labor Day (9/2/19)

There is NO 5:30pm CrossFit Class on Thursday 9/6/19 - We are hosting the Ladies’ Night HAVEN Fundraiser


Closed For Labor Day


We start off our short week with a barbell complex. Deadlifts, Cleans, Squats, and Presses all in one. Lots of great work with the bar today. Our conditioning effort has rowing, swings, squats, and jump rope. We will ease you back into the week with this one.


Some upper body work first today with dips and rows, followed by a nice little 12 min AMRAP with DB deadlifts, burpee box jumps and running.


Interval Weight Training today - first up is shoulder to overhead and then its back squats and rowing. The last part has some basic structural work for hips and shoulders.


Finishing off the week with heavy front squats and some interval style AMRAPS. 6 min on with 2 min off for a lot of different/changing exercises. This should be a fun way to end the week!