This Week At Altitude Athletics (August 5th-August 10th)

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We’ve got some single leg strength work first with Bulgarian Split Squats, followed by an interesting combo of “cindy” bodyweight exercises and DB ground to overheads for conditioning.


We have a heavy front squat day first, with some running and barbell work for conditioning


IWT today - first set has bench press, burpees, rowing. Second section includes KB swings, box jumps, and running. We finish off the day with some sled pushes!


Upper body push/pull with supersets of push press and strict pull ups. The conditioning today has running, hang power cleans, and rope climbs!


Strict gymnastics work with some KB rows as well. The team workout will be a fun way to end the week with rowing, burpee step ups, deadlifts, and squats.


Join us for BUILD!