This Week At Altitude Athletics (Sept 16th-21st)

jason on bike.jpg

CrossFit This Week (Sept 16-21)


We’ll be starting with some dumbbell bench press and rows, followed a by an interval formatted workout with rowing, burpees, and box jumps. A good sweat today but nothing too crazy.


We’re gonna throw IWT in today. Usually we do it a little later in the week but this will change things up a bit! Part 1 is thrusters and jump rope, part 2 is DB deadlifts with step ups, and the final part will include some structural core work, isometrics, and rotational exercises.


We start today with some heavy back squats and seated box jumps. Come in today for a good overall strength and power day. Conditioning in EMOM format today has sprints on the bike with pull ups, toes to bar, and DB manmakers.


We’re going to spend some time working heavier barbell RDL’s today. This lift will help build a strong posterior chain and improve everything we do from running to lifting and jumping. Our conditioning today is aerobic based, with 5 rounds of rowing and running with short breaks between each round. These workouts are a great way to “reset” after some harder conditioning with more complicated exercises.


For strength today we do a KB pressing complex with press + push press + carry. The conditioning is a team workout, with a “chipper” style. Lots of different stuff today, so come in and partner up and have fun.