This Week At Altitude Athletics (September 23rd-27th)

jess rower pike.jpg

CrossFit Workouts This Week


We have a pretty tough barbell complex to start the week - squat clean + front squat + push press/jerk. If you are building heavy, you’ll be working hard, and if you’re needing to practice these movements this is a great time to do it! Conditioning has rope climbs, dumbbells, lunges, and rowing… and a little rest.


There’s bench press and rows first, followed by a double 10 min EMOM. First is DB snatch and burpees, second is wall balls and plank K2E.


IWT for the mid week workout. Thrusters, pull-ups, rowing first, then back squats, jumping lunges, running second. The final section is some quality strength/stability work.


Barbell reverse lunges + sled push for a complex to wake the legs up here first. The second part is a DB complex with double unders - harder than it looks today…


Strict presses are first, followed by timed intervals with rowing and T2B, followed immediately by a short bike, KB swing, box jump sprint.