This Week At Altitude Athletics (Sept 9th-14th)

CrossFit Workouts Sept 9th - 14th


We begin this week with some Power Clean work - drilling EMOM olympic lifting is a great way to get practice, strength endurance work, and volume. The conditioning portion today will be an interval workout of running and wall balls.


Countdown reps scheme of Back squats for strength to start today off, and then a 15 min EMOM conditioning effort with running, KB swings, and rowing.


Our strength work has strict presses and strict pull-ups, and the conditioning has 3 short AMRAPs of DB complex and burpees.


Interval Weight Training has hang power cleans, box jumps, running first, followed by Goblet squats, KB swings, step ups, and then a 6 min chipper finisher to switch things up.


We finish with a fun team workout - barbell work, rowing, skiing, and plenty of other fun stuff mixed in. Great way to end the week!