Thursday 7-5-18: CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
— Charles R. Swindoll

Workout of the Day


1. Power Clean: Work to heavy set of 2, then:

2. EMOM 4 min: Power clean at 80% of above

3. 21-15-9*:
Cal Echo bike
Dumbbell Push Press

*50’ Dumbbell walking lunge b/w rounds

Olympic Weightlifting

1. Back squat 5 x 3 (work up to the heaviest, non-maximal triple possible)

2. Clean 6 x 2 

3. Three Rounds:
- 8 x bent rows
- 10 x GHD situps
- Max set push-upd
- 30 seconds max bike sprint


This Week at the Gym: July 2nd - 6th

No time better than now to put in some good work and continue killing it this summer!

We've got a great week planned out highlighted by back squats, bench press, power cleans, and some rope climbing. Oh...and there might be some burpees and thrusters.

(Might be)

Don't forget - the gym is closed Wednesday in honor or July 4th. 



Barbell complex with a little olympic weightlifting, a little deadlifting, a little squatting, and two rounds for time workout with some running, biking, and more barbell work. Great way to start the week. 


You know it is summer time when we break out the bench. Work in some double-unders, kettlebell swings, and hang squat cleans to cap off a great workout.


'Merica. Take some time to celebrate the birth of our great country. The gym will be closed in honor of the holiday. 


Bring it! Work to a heavy set of doubles for power clean. Wrap up the workout with an awesome burner of bike, burpee, dumbbell press, and walking lunge.


Time to work on the wheels! Descending sets of back squats for strength. Then crush the WOD with thrusters and rope climbs. Don't forget those long socks!



Big superset work with strict dumbbell presses, toes-to-bar, and ring rows. Finish off with a long workout of box jumps, burpees, run, deadlift, and bike.


Start off with back squats for strength paired with core work. Cap off the week with a solid amount of pull-ups, thrusters, and step ups.

Olympic Weightlifting


Snatch doubles, front squat doubles, and a some sled pushes with pull-ups and strict presses.


Clean and Jerk doubles, back squat triples, and some bike sprints with core work.