Weightlifting: Red Quadzilla, Phase 1, Week 3

Weightlifting Plan of the Week

Get ready. This is why you wanted to call yourselves "weightlifters."

First, a little motivation.

Nikki is Going to Vegas, y'all...

This picture is what I love about this sport. Sure, we might make fun of each other every once in awhile. And we might even talk a little trash when someone deserves it (looking at you, Patrick).

But when it comes down to when it actually matters: We lift each other up. And that is cool as hell.

I can't tell you all how incredibly proud I was at our competition. Truth is: I was probably more nervous than all of you. But you guys killed it and made me look way better than I deserve in the process.

Thanks for being so awesome.

Phase 1, Week 3

Game plan, for the most part, is the same as the previous weeks. We are adding in two more squat sets on our Monday and Thursday sessions AND increasing the weight by 1-3 kilos.

Keep up the good work on the positional snatches and cleans. We will see the pay off from us going back to the drawing board on the classic lifts here down the road. 

Oh - I also killed the snatch deadlift on Wednesday. My sense is we will need the juice for the increased volume later in the week. Subbed in additional power snatch sets and some glute work. 

PSA: While I encourage squats without using your weight belt, please please please please don't sacrifice form for developing a core of steel. If our form breaks down and we lose our thoracic position, grab the belt. No need to spend your extra cash at the PT or chiropractor.

Goal for the Week

  1. Increase 1-3 kilos on our squats from last week.
  2. PRs in high hang snatch and/or clean.
  3. Convince Patrick to work out more than once this week.



1). High Hang Snatch: 4 x 2, 3 x 1

2). Front Squat: 6 x 6 (add 1-3 kilos)

3). Optional Conditioning, with 10m clock AMRAP

     - 50m heavy sled push (back and forth in gym)

     - 8 push ups, 8 pull-ups, 8 slow hanging leg raises


1). Jerk: 7 x 3 (all behind the neck). Work up to heaviest triple you can do.

2). Power Clean: 5 x 2. Work up to heaviest double you can do. 

3). Single Leg RDLs: 3 x 5/8 (strong leg vs weak leg, same weight)

4). 100 bicycle kicks (count each time your knee touches your elbow)


1). Power Snatch: 7 x 2. Focus on feet and speed rather than weight. Drive heels into ground.

2a). Broad Jumps: 5 x 4. 

      - From a static start, jump as far as you can. 

      - Rest a few seconds, do again.

      - Super set wit SOTS press

2b). SOTs press: 5 x 3

      - Bottom on snatch position, strict press

3). Donkey Kicks: 4 x 8 (Eight each leg, pause 2 seconds)

4). 4 x 12 Back Extensions (weighted)


1). High Hang Clean: 3 x 2, 3 x 1

2). Front Squat 8 x 4 (add 1-3 kilos)

3) Optional Conditioning, 4 Rounds (lasts approx 11-15 min)

   - 8 x push-press (ladies 20 - 50 kilos, guys 50 - 80)

   - 8 x bent rows (same bar as pp)

   - 10 x supermans

   - 10 x hollow rocks

   - 30s max AD sprint

   - Rest 1 min


1). High Hang Snatch Max for Day (aim to take 6-8 quality singles to build up to max for day)

2). Front Squat 8 x 2 (add 1-3 kilos)

Video Primer on SOTS Press

I figured since we introduced it this cycle, I would at least show a video. Plus, I know we all love some Klokov. #WWKD

SOTS presses are not easy, but I like them as it combines (or highlights deficiencies in) our mobility with the added benefit of strength development.

For an extra challenge, do this without your weightlifting shoes. Maybe even barefoot if you are crazy.

Aaron is getting really excited now.

Lift on y'all. Keep grinding.

- Justin