Weightlifting: Red Quadzilla, Phase 1, Week 4

Plan of the Week

Rest. Recovery. Relax. That is the name of the game this week. You all have killed it the past three weeks and a nice good de-load week will go a long way in getting us stronger down the road.

Rest Days are the Best Days

Rest Days are the Best Days


Grab a little extra mobility? An extra pint of ice cream? Or maybe jam out to some Backstreet Boys.

Yes. Yes...and definitely YES. 

Actually, all kidding aside, some things to look forward to this week:

  1. Front squat 3 rep max Thursday
  2. Heavy Singles for Snatch and Clean Jerk
  3. Getting mentally right for the next phase.
Get Ready. Front Squat MAX outs.

Get Ready. Front Squat MAX outs.



With today being Memorial Day, why not take it off? Go on a hike. Enjoy the awesome weather. And, if you would do me one favor, take at least a few minutes today to think about those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


1. BTN Jerk - 5 x 1 (work up to 90-95% max)
2. Power Clean - 4 x 1 (80-90% max power clean)
3. Single Leg RDLs - 3 x 5/8 (strong leg vs weak leg, same weight)
4). 100 bicycle kicks (count each time your knee touches your elbow)


1). Power Snatch: 5 x 1 (work up to 90-95% max power snatch)
2a). Broad Jumps: 4 x 3
2b). SOTs press: 4 x 1 (work up to a heavy single)
3). Donkey Kicks: 4 x 8 (Eight each leg, pause 2 seconds)
4). 4 x 12 Back Extensions (weighted)


1. Front Squat - 3RM (Take no more than two sets to establish)
2. Snatch - heavy single
3. Clean and Jerk - heavy single


Sounds crazy, but consider taking this day off to do something different. Some meathead body building and some long, steady state conditioning, but nothing crazy. Listen to your body. Even if you take today off, no big deal.

If you need an idea, here is what I might do:

1. Bench Press - 5 x 8
2. Pull-ups - 5 x 6 (strict, weighted if able)
3. Conditioning (4 rounds, EASY pace):
    - Dumbbell Flys x 8 (15-40 lbs)
    - Tricep extensions x 8 (5-20lbs)
    - Deadlift x 3 (100-180 kilos)
    - Run/Row (quarter mile or 500m)
    - Leg raises x 10

And that is it, folks. Let's get ready for the next phase.