WeightLifting: Red Quadzilla Phase 1, Week 1

Red Quadzilla:

A Squat Program Dedicated to our Comrades


Do you really want to be good weightlifters? Or do you just want to pretend to be a good weightlifter? 

Let's Learn to Love the Squat.

Here is the deal. Everyone here moves well. True, we have some things we can improve, but for most of us, our squat is holding us back.

Therefore, the goal of this program is to continue off the success of Yellow Quadzilla and build leg strength. A secondary objective will be to hone in on some of our weaknesses on technique (slow elbows, proper receiving footwork on classic lifts). 

The Program: A Hat Tip to the Russians

I am going to write these in four week "phases." Successive phases will look similar to previous ones with the exception of adding in a few additional squat sets as we adjust to the volume as well as the addition of new drills based on our progression.

If you are dying to know where this idea came from, I assure you, it wasn't something derived from the pits of hell (although you might think that down the road). In fact, this is a very diluted version of Smolov that I adapted for our needs.

We are still not quite use to high-volume training, so this Russian squat program derivative will be a modest dive into some really fun stuff.

Enjoy...or don't.     

Phase1, Week 1.

Goal for the Week: Adaptation to a higher volume squat program. 


1). High Hang Snatch: 4 x 2, 3 x 1  

2). Front Squat: 4 x 6 (@70%)

3). Optional Conditioning, with 10m clock AMRAP

     - 50m heavy sled push (back and forth in gym)

     - 8 push ups, 8 pull-ups, 8 slow hanging leg raises


1). Jerk: 7 x 3 (all behind the neck). Work up to heaviest triple you can do.

2). Power Clean: 5 x 2. Work up to heaviest double you can do. 

3). Clean Segment Pause Pulls (2-second pause): 3 x 3 (start at 90% clean)

     - First segment mid-shin (2-sec pause)

     - Second segment low hang (2-sec pause)

     - Third segment high hang (2-sec pause)

     - Five second descent after completing last segment  

4). Single Leg RDLs: 3 x 5/8 (strong leg vs weak leg, same weight)

5). 100 bicycle kicks (count each time your knee touches your elbow)


1). Power Snatch: 5 x 2. Focus on feet and speed rather than weight. Drive heels into ground.

2). Snatch Segment Pause Pulls (2-second pause) 3 x 3 (90% snatch). 

3a). Broad Jumps: 5 x 4. 

      - From a static start, jump as far as you can. 

      - Rest a few seconds, do again.

      - Super set wit SOTS press

3b). SOTs press: 5 x 3

4). Bulgarian Split Squats: 4 x 5/8 (strong vs weak leg, same weight)

5). 4 x 12 Back Extensions (weighted)


1). High Hang Clean: 3 x 2, 2 x 1

2). Front Squat 6 x 4 (@80%)

3) Optional Conditioning, 4 Rounds (lasts approx 11-15 min)

   - 8 x push-press (ladies 20 - 50 kilos, guys 50 - 80)

   - 8 x bent rows (same bar as pp)

   - 10 x supermans

   - 10 x hollow rocks

   - 30 s max AD sprint

   - Rest 1 min


1). High Hang Snatch Max (aim to take 6-8 quality singles to build up to max for day)

2). Front Squat 8 x 2 (@88%)

3). 20 min clock:

   - Row or AirDyne (easy - medium pace, this is intended to help w/ leg recovery not get you to       the CrossFit games)

   - On every 4 min get off bike/rower and complete: 20 BW crunches, 10 DB bicep curls, 10 DB front raises [shoulder]....min 4, min 8, min 12, min 16 and min 20. 

Caveat on the percentages for the squats.

This is going to be hard. We still are not use to volume training and these percentages may feel really tough. If that is the case, back off a few kilos. This shouldn't be so heavy that we are failing. I highly recommend giving yourself 2.5 - 3 minutes between squat sets.  

Here's the deal guys. Our front squat is going to get awesome. We are never going to have an issue with our backs and legs being too weak to make a heavy clean we properly catch. This alone will take all of us to the next level in our weightlifting journey.

Embrace the suck. And be awesome.

- Justin